Sunday, January 12, 2014

Weekends just sap my strength!

No matter how much I tell myself during the week, "I'm going to be better this weekend. I'm not going to eat poorly, I'm going to get my exercise in, and I'm not going to let the laziness win!"

I really don't conquer. In fact, I relapse into old ways.

Now, I do try to relax a little more on Sundays. It's a special day for my family to go to church, rejuvenate and prepare for the coming week. I don't have a set step goal for Sundays, I do what feels good.

But, I shouldn't be eating the indulgent food such as the Terra Veggie Chips I ate for my afternoon snack. If it had been one ounce, no biggie. But, without thinking I ate at least half of the bag -- probably 450 calories or so.

That combined with little exercise isn't going to do my body good. I'm going to need to think through the Sunday plan and maybe come up with some new options.

I will say however, that despite today's deficiencies, I conquered my step goal this week.

125,000 steps this week!!!

That's my best week in a long time. I plan to keep it up as I work toward my goal this year -- details will be coming soon!

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