Thursday, February 6, 2014

A Little Sad

I just found out that I wasn't selected to speak at the blogging conference. I'm sad. But, I'm not that shocked. I obviously have just started blogging, have no idea what I'm doing and need a little experience. The conference is made up of people who know what they are doing and have thousands of readers. I would have liked to go though. Now I just don't think I can make it happen.

Here's hoping that something else so big, so important and much better is heading my way! Maybe it's a sign that I shouldn't go to the conference because I have something else I need to be doing. Yep. I'm going to go with that for my answer, at least for now.

I will say that one really good thing came from applying to FitBloggin -- I started my blog. It's been something I've wanted to work on for ages, but didn't have a specific reason to get started. Now I do, and I'll keep learning and working on the blog as well as my health and fitness goals.

In the end, what really matters to me is that I'm healthy and happy. Everything else is fluff along the way.

1 comment:

  1. That's too bad :-( But there will definitely be other super awesome opportunities and getting your blog going is a great result of applying to the conference!